I belong to a Wrestling family, so sport is my first love. I am trained in Karate, Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). I travel four days a week between countries, but it does not keep me from staying fit.

I practice Shadow-Boxing and Yoga. Shadow-Boxing improves my concentration level; every punch hits the mind and provokes a thought. It’s the best way to deal with crucial decision-making. I also practice yoga, but in a way that’s suited to me.

Swimming and sauna-steam are my stress-busters, relieving tension, of mind or body. Though I am a workaholic, I always take time out for myself everyday, even if it is for 10 minutes of body workout.

Travel time is for rest, as the moment I am in connectivity zone, work mode starts. I barely get four hours’ sleep, but it keeps me active.

I have a clean diet. My morning starts with protein shake and oats followed by grilled chicken for lunch and fish for dinner. It’s generally a protein-rich diet. I also take a lot of water. I do have a sweet tooth. Something sweet after meals is something I can’t resist.

Inspite of my hectic schedule, I spend quality time with my family. My family is extremely supportive and is instrumental in playing a vital role in my success.