A new age Digital Era is in the works. We are going through transformations, which are driven by three powerful forces: Digitalization, Content innovation and Globalization.

Whenever we talk about building the new age business skills, the first thing, which comes to mind, is the need to incline towards digitalization.

Formulation of an effective digital business strategy for any business includes – the design of services and their interoperability with other complementary platforms, and their deployment as pro- ducts and services by taking advantage of digital resources.

The new millennium, brings in a promise of digitalization is seeing the advent of a shift in their consumption habits, which have seen a 360* transformation, from Television we are shifting to gadgets.  “It’s Here It’s Now “ is the new age Mantra! Everything has to be instant.

An era has come to see the vital importance of digital technology in our daily lives as well. Digital literacy can be defined as “the ability to effectively use digital technology, communications tools, and or networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in order to function in a knowledge society”

To discuss digital content skills; it is required to understand why should there be an urgency to build on the nation’s skills, what digital content skills are currently being delivered and the capability to develop and acquire the necessary digital content skills. As a business owner, it is important to have the acumen to foresee all these factors, which are critical for the successful business unit.

A new-age classic in the making since today’s youth predominantly consumes content online and through social media, their plan is to leverage that to the fullest. The Super Fight League and the Super Boxing League both exhibited strong performance across a multitude of social media in terms of engagement and impressions attaining a reach of about 1 billion + alone, through celebrity co-owners and their social media engagements. We also attained significant traction and reach globally via online viewership. Going forward by 2030, we aim to be to be the world’s largest sports entertainment company producing 5000 hours of riveting combat sports focused digital content per year in over 30 countries.

There is light at the end of the tunnel we just need to sow the seeds right. Content is the King and it needs to be communicates right with the right digital strategy to the end consumer.

This is the Dawn of the new age Digital and content era and we are a force to reckon with…