In the new age now there is a realization among the common people on the sports. People are realizing the importance of sports towards their health. It would take some time for Indian leaders also to realize the same. In the mean time, if the business leaders/thought leaders can influence, the situation would improve.People are slowly following their interest rather than cricket all the time. They do see lot of private gymnasiums coming up and people queuing up on public parks for walking. Many marathons are being successful in many metros. There is a change coming,

All in all, the sports industry in India has tremendous business potential.Therefore, the time is ripe to facilitate investment mobility so that corporate houses that are already engaging in sports can upgrade to for-profit sporting ventures, while business houses that are not involved in sports so far may consider this sector as an ideal avenue for CSR activities.

Indian sports industry it has a potential to become a $10 billion industry in the next 5 to 7 years propelled by enormous consumer demand. Boosted by initiatives such as professional leagues of developed sports, commercialization of underdeveloped sports, professionalization of heritage sports and increased corporate sector investments, sports industry expects a faster growth in shorter time frame. It has the potential to overtake IT and related industries before 2022 in every aspect.It has an impressive growth prospect even if its fundamentals. They key of success lies in how beautifully you can design your IP or model which is up to date as per the latest market trends.