When we start a business, to build it up and to grow it over the years, it needs to be sowed with the seeds of Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Power and Passion. These are the key Mantras that help in managing money, material, manpower and time.

Success is not overnight and the graph of growth is never straight, there are ups and downs in the journey. Every entrepreneurial journey has to go through this.

Patience is the key. This is about keeping a 3-5 year horizon to build a strong foundation. It took me 8 years striking Gold. I remember sitting in the Indira Gandhi stadium for Super Fight League 3, it was a full house with 15,000 people and people thought it was a WWE event. Moreover, when people hear of this sport, at first they have varied apprehensions about it. They think of it as a violent one with a lot of blood. Changing their perception about the sport was challenging. I believe that there was a gap I saw but now with the popularity the SFL got after hosting 82 successful fight nights, I am quite bullish about it’s success globally.

In 2012, I co-founded the Super Fight League (SFL); it took me 8 years to develop a distinct value proposition for the league. Today Super Fight League is the world’s only mixed martial arts league with a franchise team format and a unique and exclusive point scoring system. The vision is to create the largest global but localised ecosystem in sports history and present this case to the IOC to become the governing council of the sport of MMA.

I am also proud to talk about the Super Boxing League (SBL), my second venture launched in July 2017 dedicated to the sport of Boxing, following the same model as the SFL. Viewing figures proved fans enjoyed consuming Boxing in this new and exhilarating format. SBL has staged 16 events since inception, with the latest being with the SBL Jeddah Season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when I took the initiative of getting a Boxing bout in the Middle East for the first time.

Persistence and Perseverance When you persevere, you’re not stubborn or illogically resolute; you’re calm, steady, and strong. You look to the world in the face and smile with grim determination as you plow right through it. If you have persistence, you continue to do something even though it is difficult or it takes time but you keep going.

Power A successful entrepreneur has to have power to control on mind and body with Focus. I travel four days a week between countries, but it does not keep me from staying fit. A fit body leads to healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to forward thinking

Passion you need to have patience and passion to reach to the top and to make a statement to the world.

As a business owner, it is important to understand that all these factors are critical for the successful business unit.