Indians pride in our guys competing and winning internationally. No other sport is projecting that right now other then cricket.  The Indian cricket team are playing thoughout the year and the media bombard the audience with their activity. We need more competition and exposure with year round events promoting new sports.

With Super Fight League (SFL) and Super Boxing League (SBL) we have been able to create the largest ecosystem in history of sports, which maximizes participation across for both combat sports – MMA and Boxing. We nurture talent at grass roots level whilst creating a stronger mainstream following. Since today’s youth predominantly consumes content online and through social media, we aim to set a pay-per culture in the coming years. By 2030 we aspire to be a leading combat focused digital content company producing 5000 hours of action packed combat sports content per year in over 30 countries. We have spent almost Rs. 200 crore+ in the last eight years and going forward, we are looking to invest a further Rs. 180 crore. There is light at the end of the tunnel, we just need to sow the seeds right.

Infrastructure is the key. There has been a phenominal growth observed in the Indian sports industry over the year inspite of the challenges. There should be eqipped training centres for the coaches, trainers and the former sports personalities to conduct work shops, work out sessions or even sports management classes for the youth. This shall not only help in developement of the youth and sports but shall also give these veterans/legends an opportunity to participate in this journey with their skills and accumen. And can inturn be a good employment opportunity of some of them as well. With SFL Gyms we aim to create an infrastructure and an eco system making MMA available to everyone and ensuring employment opportunity to our fighters who shall be the coaches in our Gyms.

These days I see the millenials following their passion in their careers over the traditional of becoming doctors or engineers. Today we see the current education system coming up with new courses like designing,arts,music,dramatics etc. The are courses introduced on Sports management as well in the academics which grooms students develop essential skills in business administration, economics, finance, law, psychology and marketing – all with a specific focus on the sports sector. I feel this is a great inititive for Sports enthusiasts. I feel sports should be intoduced as a subject right from school days. Also every high school should introduce training of sports along with the academics. Like in America every high school has introduced the training of MMA. The government should focus in building infrastructural facilities like training centres, gyms and training centres for beginners and even experts.

Take a look at the Asian Games which takes place once every 4 years. We celebrate our athletes of all disciplines when they return successfully but then we hear nothing of them again for another 4 years and in some cases not at all. This has to change, India needs more superheroes – we have plenty of them, it’s just their stories are not told.

There is certainly a lack of infrastructure and facilities which needs to worked upon as a nation.

But we must also remember that the effective participating population, as economists put it, in sports in India is still very low. In addition, unlike some countries like Jamaica or Kenya, which have a long tradition of excellence in running, or Iran, which excels in wrestling, India does not have a similar tradition in any individual Olympic event. Also unlike China or the former Soviet bloc, India cannot enforce an authoritarian sporting system to breed champions.

Neither does India have a university sporting structure like the United States nor the club system of Europe. Like China, it is the government that is the prime mover in disciplines like athletics in India. A start has probably been made with the government focusing on certain disciplines rather than trying to cover everything.The last few years have seen a surge in development of sports infrastructure and facilities in India and although at a nascent stage, the Indian sports industry presents substantial opportunities. Globally, sport is a major contributor to GDPs of developed and developing nations. India’s Sports sector has the potential to grow at a CAGR of 5% to more than USD1.89 bn by the end of this year and is poised to play a larger role in providing employment and ensuring inclusive growth.With the advent of corporate support and successful hosting of events such as the Commonwealth Games,Indian Premier League (IPL), Hockey India League (HIL), Formula 1, Indian Badminton League and the proposed football, tennis,boxing,mma and wrestling leagues, it is evident that there are huge commercial opportunities in the Indian sports industry. However, there are several larger aspects related to the management of sports in India that need addressing in a multi-pronged manner. Even as discussions are underway for granting industry status to sports and bringing in management proficiency at grass root levels to nurture talent, the sector needs holistic, comprehensive policies,with buy in at district administration level.

The steps that may be adopted to solve the problems of developing sports infrastructure in India are; To arrange a dedicated land bank for building sports infrastructure, to adopt PPP model in which the government will provide institutional and financial support for building infrastructure while the private sector will manage and maintain its operations.To introduce various commercial aspects, such as selling the Naming Rights, Hospitality Packages and branding inside the stadiums, to make these facilities sustainable. To use these facilities for multiple purposes, such as organizing exhibitions, conferences or for setting up sports academies. To make these infrastructural facilities open for the use of the public against membership fees.